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Welcome to the website of the Male Reproductive Clinic, P.A., the practice of Russel H. Williams, M.D., a male infertility specialist. The practice is based in Houston, Texas, on Katy Freeway, and has two locations. Dr. Williams now offers medical evaluation and treatment referrals for patients and from Houston and abroad at the 9190 Katy Freeway Office or the Cy Fair Office. All appointments are made through 832.358.8600. Dr. Russel Williams is a board certified urologist and a native of Houston. He is specialized in reproductive medicine, microsurgery, male infertility, fertility, and semen analysis. Dr. Williams is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

"Male infertility is an under recognized but common cause of couple infertility. Many male factors are reversible with medical and surgical treatment. Men should be evaluated early in the infertility workup because treatment of male infertility allows a couple the chance to conceive naturally." - Dr. Russel Williams

Why MRC?

  • The Male Reproductive Clinic, PA provides treatment for men wanting to conceive naturally and men proceeding through in vitro fertilization.
  • The services at the Male Reproductive Clinic, PA will address fertility, erectile and prostate health concerns. We screen for male genetic defects that effect pregnancy.
  • The Male Reproductive Clinic, PA is founded by Dr. Russel Williams, M.D. a board certified urologist with specialized training in male infertility and micro surgery.
  • Dr. Russel Williams, M.D. has 13 years plus experience working with many different in vitro fertilization labs and gynecologists.
  • Dr. Russel Williams, M.D. has performed over 500 vasectomy reversals and sperm retrievals on patients throughout out the world.
  • Dr. Russel Williams, MD has performed over 6000 no scalpel no needle vasectomies.
  • The Male Reproductive Clinic, PA participates in many insurance plans.


Dr. Russel Williams Featured in Pregnancy Magazine

Nearly 5 million American couples experience difficulties trying to conceive. Infertility affects people of all ages and for a multitude of reasons. Some couples try on their own for years, whereas others seek out medical assistance early on...

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