Becoming a Patient

Dr. Russel Williams, M.D. welcomes you to the practice. You can either call us at (832) 358-8600 or use the online appointment tool to request an appointment. Our staff will process your appointments Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 4:30 pm. Please have your insurance information ready and the nature of your visit with Dr. Russel Williams, M.D. If you have past medical records for review then make sure that you bring them to your appointment. Please let our office staff know which location and time you prefer. If you have an urgent problem after hours and you are a new pateint you will need to go to the nearest urgent care center who can then call Dr. Russel Williams, M.D.

Treatment Costs

A list of services, cost / fees at Male Reproductive Clinic, P.A.

Payment and Insurance Participation

Information for patients on payment types: Payment for Physician Services, Payment for Laboratory Services, Insurance Coverage Information.

Patient Forms

Please use this page to print / download our commonly used forms: Patient Information Form, Patient History, Medical Records Release, Male Reproduction Patient History, Vasectomy Consent Form (Part 1 - Patient Instructions), and Vasectomy Consent Form (Part 2 - Signed Consent for Patient Chart).

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We believe you have both the right and responsibility to be an active participant in your health care and the patient/physician relationship.

Out of State / International Patients

Information on the on the greater Houston area for Out of State / International Patients. Information includes: General Houston Information, Airports, Train and Bus Service, Taxi Cab Service, and Hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of patient questions and our answers. Questions can include: Should I wear briefs or boxers to improve...? , How long should I abstain from sex before...? , Are there any diet changes I can do to improve...?

If you would like to schedule an appointment at the Male Reproductive Clinic please click on the link below to visit our Appointment Request page

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