Meet Our Team

The staff at Male Reproductive Clinic are highly capable and thoroughly trained in reproductive medicine and urology to better support the patients' needs. They all have had extensive training and monitoring by Dr. Russel Williams, M.D.

The employees of the Male Reproductive Clinic, P.A. understand the different entry points for couples trying to conceive. They understand that the needs and timeline of a couple just starting to get pregnant is different from a couple who have failed more advanced fertility techniques and are on a shorter time line. The staff have worked closely with andrology labs, referring physicians, surgical centers, and in vitro fertilization centers to synchronize the timing of fertility treatment. The staff has extensive experience in scheduling the evaluation of patients from abroad who are on a tight travel schedule. All of our staff are bilingual in either English, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you have insurance coverage then our staff has years of experience in verifying benefits. They help you know your insurance. The staff is often called upon to explain why a test is ordered, a side effect of a medication, medical terminology used during the patient visit, and many other medical and technical questions related to your care. That is the benefit of the services provided by a specialized Male Reproductive Clinic, P.A.

Our Team consist of:

Male Reproductive Clinic staff, from left to right: Genesis, Jackie and Stephanie

Stephanie Alvarado
The phone receptionist who schedules appointments and collects insurance information and assist with collection of previous pertinent medical records.

Jacky Bunpheng and Genesis Cruz Two members of a clinical team who assist with your patient visit and who are responsible for scheduling test and moving your fertility treatment along. They are also a great source for information not answered by the physician.

Patricia Williams and Stephanie Alvarado Two members of a administrative team who main purpose is to interface with insurance companies and to explore your benefits so that we can minimize unpleasant financial surprises. This team tries to acquire before treatment an understanding as to how much your insurance company may pay for your treatment. Please realize that insurance companies reserve the final right upon receiving the claim to pay or not. Non paid services then become the responsibility of the patient. Please ask them questions about your insurance and make sure that all of insurance information is current and accurate.

Ultrasound and CT Scan Technicians

These staff members are part of a team responsible for imaging. They are called upon to use imaging to define abnormalities in the urinary tract or the genital system that effects your health. They perform all of their studies in our comprehensive facility which facilitates interaction and information transfer with Dr Russel Williams, M.D. Many in house imaging services may be covered under your copay, saving you money.

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